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You really think you take the best decisions on your own?

Wait to get some true insights from your colleagues!

Works on Ms Teams and Slack

Starts at 200€ / month

The first tool that guarantees corporate honesty.

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  • Simple, No login.

    Our platform was engineered for simplicity. No registration for your colleagues, no extra tool, no login, no password to remember,.... Just load your interactions, sit back and enjoy.

  • Unique Anonymity

    Let us state this simply: Our system is fully anonymous by design. It is impossible, even for us, to trace back the votes from your colleagues, and trust us, it wasn\'t easy to achieve this but it makes us unique on the market.

  • Instant results

    All the results per interaction are stored in our platform where you will benchmark your corporate culture and find actionables to improve your team.

  • Transparent

    Every colleague will have access to the daily general result of the team.

  • Fun

    Our system is casual and allows to extract incredible insights in a fun and casual way. Drop the existing boring HR studies and try us.

  • Science backed

    Our product was designed with the help of the University of Leuven (belgium). Our interactions have been benchmarked and assessed with academics.

We dreamed about taking mainstream dull productivity tools and making them fun and insightful.

So we did it.

Matthieu Donnet - CoFounder @ VoxCollector
voxy iphone answer

Every teammate will receive the answer to the interaction of the day

The results will be published in the MS teams channel you have selected in a total transparent way.

You can also choose to send the answer at the same time you send the next question, in order to minimize the disruption for your team.

Much more than simple interactions

If you go with our academically backed questions, you will have access to a full benchmarking of your coporate culture on 16 actionnable axes. You will also find advices on how to improve those and see the evolution.